Tuesday, July 8, 2014

2nd Birthday!

Today Nina, Gigi & Eddie turn 2 years old!

We enjoyed a great party over the weekend with lots of friends, family and fun. 
Thanks to all those who were able to join us to celebrate.

And a Throwback family photo from last year's First Birthday party at the Petaluma house.

 Uncle Andy, Aunt Carey & Gigi.

Uncle Andy, Aunt Carey & the Trio at their party last year.


Blowing out candles.

 Captain Eddie.
Eddie & Daddy at their First Birthday.

This year's Cupcakes, as per usual.
Throwback cupcakes from last year.

Nom Nom Nom.

Cupcake pros, thank you very much.

First Birthday First Cupcake Experiences.

 Eddie's Cupcake Aftermath.

 Eddie & Mikayla
Mikayla & Gigi at their First Birthday.

 Splish Splash at the Water Table

 That would be a Nakey photo of an Uncle as a little guy.

 LOTS of food was enjoyed. 

Grandma & Gigi.
Gigi & Grandma at their First Birthday.

 Grandpa and Gigi.

 Eddie lounging with Grandpa.
Grandma, Grandpa and the Trio at their First Birthday.

 Grandpa and Evi.

 Much more of their cupcakes was consumed this year.

Nina & Mommy at their First Birthday party.

 Did we mention the kids really like food?

 Gigi & Nonni
Gigi & Nonni at their First Birthday.

 The Giant Inflatable Whale didn't stand a chance in our crowd.

Messy (but oh so much fun) at the water table.

 Aunt Carey & Uncle Andy.

Brian & Auntie Kristina

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

We hosted our first Barbour Family Easter Party.
Lots of Barbours (and extended clan), lots of food, lots of fun!
Thanks to everyone who made the trek with the traffic.

So many photo opportunities. Mine are mainly of our kidlets. 

 Little Cherub Bunny.
 Mr. E was not a super fan of the big rabbit.

 G wonders if she HAS to wear the ears?
 N thinks the ears look best around her neck.
 Baskets! Thanks Great Grammie & Great Poppa Ray.

 E wonders WHY. Just WHY??

 Brushes & Combs were a big hit.
 Nonni Lynda & Grandma Margaret "hiding" toddler eggs.

 First Toddler Swing Set... Check!

 G sitting with Aunt Doris.
 Food time.

And a throwback from last year.
Happy Easter!